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Dealing with Contracts

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How to Handle Contracts

 Remittance of Premium

A completed copy of each contract sold during a given month will be submitted to Integrated Warranty Systems by the 15th day of the month following the sale of the contract. Liability for each contract shall remain with the selling dealer until such time as full payment is received by IWS.

On a monthly basis, the dealer with complete a remittance form (supplied by IWS) which outlines the dealer cost premium for each contract. A cheque payable to "Integrated Warranty Systems" for the total dealer cost plus GST/HST will be included with all the contracts to complete the remittance.

Easy steps:
  • Complete a warranty contract with each customer that purchases a protection plan
  • At the end of the month, complete a remittance form (include GST/HST)
  • Send the IWS copy of the contract and remittance form along with a cheque payable to "Integrated Warranty Systems" to IWS by the 15th of the month following the sale.

 Transferring a Contract

A Recreation Product Protection Warranty Contract may not be transferred between products; only from one owner to the next when the product has been sold. To transfer a contract to the new owner, a written request plus a cheque for $50 plus GST/HST must be sent to IWS within 30 days of the sale of the product. A transfer request form is available by contacting IWS or here
  • Complete the repair, explain the nature of the problem and how it was solved and have the customer sign the work order
  • Include parts invoices showing dealer cost for any parts over $50.00
  • Mail the work order and parts invoices to IWS within 30 days of the repair.

 Mandatory Information for Claims Processing
  • Customer name & address
  • Date serviced
  • Identify nature of problem
  • Part invoice for all parts over $50.00
  • Product - brand, model and serial number
  • Itemize parts & labour required
  • Identify total charges
  • Customer signature

 Special Note

  • Claims will not be processed without the required information.
  • If questioning coverage, fax an estimate before completion of the repair for pre-authorization.
  • Integrated Warranty Systems Inc. reserves the right to investigate all claims submitted. If a servicing dealer is found to be misrepresenting work performed, IWS reserves the right to pursue full legal recourse.
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