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About Our Company
Integrated Warranty Systems Inc. based out of London, Ontario, Canada, develops, markets and administers extended warranty programs for a variety of manufacturers, distributors and retail dealerships. Since its inception in the fall of 1996, IWS has grown to become a leader in the industry. The current product line offered by IWS includes various programs designed to provide coverage where traditional warranty coverage is lacking or is simply not available.

Extended coverage is available for the following products and/or industries: Integrated Warranty Systems currently operates across Canada and the United States with over 1500 active dealers. IWS offers extended coverage from 6 months to 10 years beyond the manufacturer's warranty. The particular length of coverage varies by product and is chosen by the customer at the time of purchase. In general, IWS will offer multiple years of extra coverage on new equipment and annual coverage on most used equipment.

The coverage offered by IWS contracts typically covers electrical and/or mechanical breakdown of the warranted product. Depending on the contract, there may or may not be an applicable deductible.

Most of the competitors have programs similar in structure to those offered by IWS. One of the major factors in setting IWS apart from these competitors is that most of the other companies will focus on a single industry. IWS is well diversified across a number of different industries. Other advantages of IWS products include the design of specialized programs for many different industries, competitive pricing, availability of marketing material and software, in-house claims administrator, straight forward procedures for remittance of premium and submission of claims.

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