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Claims Submission Procedures

 Submitting a Claim

  • Complete the repair, explain the nature of the problem and how it was solved and have the customer sign the work order
  • Include parts invoices showing dealer cost for any parts over $50.00
  • Mail the work order and parts invoices to IWS within 30 days of the repair.

 Mandatory Information for Claims Processing

  • Customer name & address
  • Date serviced
  • Identify nature of problem
  • Part invoice for all parts over $50.00
  • Product - brand, model and serial number
  • Itemize parts & labour required
  • Identify total charges
  • Customer signature

 Special Note

  • Claims will not be processed without the required information.
  • If questioning coverage, fax an estimate before completion of the repair for pre-authorization.
  • Integrated Warranty Systems Inc. reserves the right to investigate all claims submitted. If a servicing dealer is found to be misrepresenting work performed, IWS reserves the right to pursue full legal recourse.
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